Monday, 30 July 2012

The Second Half

There are so many thoughts about baseball running through my head that I somehow never get around to writing them.

Here is the breakdown of things going through my head the past month or so:
  • Tommy John. 'Nuf said.
  • Casey Jansen. Casey fucking Jansen. If something happens to him. I might die.
  • Trade with the Astros. I was happy to pack up Coco Cordero and Benny Fresh. Bon Voyage boys. Anything we get out of this is gravy.
  • Edwin still rocks. He is blowing my optimistic thoughts about him out of the water.
  • Joey Bats hurt his wrist swinging a bat. Something is just not fair about that.
  • Its the end of July and the Blue Jays are within 1.5 game of second place. Holy shit. With the injuries and the crashing and burning (Ricky cough Romero) they are holding their own. It has been a tough season to a Blue Jays fan, but if you hang in there is something crazy exciting about this team.
There are many more things, but I thought I would just post some pictures, because everyone loves pictures of Blue Jays.

I call this, how many Blue Jays can you fit into one picture
This is a part of my Blue Jays from the back series.
I have a soft spot in my heart for Mike McCoy. He's short, he's a utility player and he loves baseball. Everytime he comes up he plays his ass off and I appreciate that about him.
Rest in Peace Luis Perez's Tommy John ligament.

Words cannot explain how much I enjoy Escobar's baseball picadillos. Here he is making his mark before getting up to bat.

Ode to Carlos Villaneuva (and Aaron Laffey). Picking up the slack for the starters.
Escobar steps into Pujols's office
Rajai escapes the box. From my Jays running out of the batters box series.
I have a fish eye setting on my camera. One night I had a little too much fun. Look! JP Arencebia is nine feet tall!!
And JP is four feet tall. The catcher is a freaking giant.

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