Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Villanelle for Villanueva

My birthday is coming up, and it got thrown out that I could select a "Shersey" (code word for the t-shirts with players names on the back) from the Jays Shop as a gift. I try whenever possible to not shop at the Jays shop, and instead shop at infinitely cheaper locales. Such as ebay, or the oddly named "Redbeard" sports supply store in my hometown. From time to time, I have won a jersey, like the brand new Jose Bautista batting practice they tried to tell me he wore (as someone radios the Jays Force girl and says "you took off the tags right? It's got to look real!" No worries Jay force. While i'm sure Jose Bautista smells wonderful, he probably dosen't smell like new t-shirt). But alas, I have gotten completely off topic. So yes, actually shopping at the Jays shop. Fun times. My Mom has an Escobar shersy, and since none of my friends have been convinced to love baseball as much as I do, I attend most games with her and didn't want to match.

So I decided not to buy anything at the Jays shop. Instead I bought a Villanueva shersey on mlb.shop.com instead. It had the added benefit of being cheaper (hello promo codes!) and being able to select anyone I wanted. I decided to buy a Villaneuva shersey for multiple reasons. I've liked him and his versatility since he was signed for Toronto. Long reliever, starter, bilingual leadership man. (not to mention witty and nice guy. Seriously have you heard him speak? Dry humour, that guy). He stepped up to the rubber last year for some excellent starts, before being sidelined with an elbow injury and he was fantastic in long relief earlier in the season (not counting that horrible game with the grand slam, but we all have our down days). And now he's got 9 starts under his belt, with a 3.31 era, six wins, three loses, 90 Ks in 87 innings pitched. He has continuously stepped up for this team in a big way and he does it well.

Accordingly I have prepared a (horrible) limerick for Carlos Villanueva.

It's hard to be morose
while watching Carlos.
The team may not be batting
But Villaneva is combating
Evidenced by the era he posts

For the record, I don't even fancy myself a poet and hadn't written a poem since grade school until I started this blog (evidenced by the fact that I just wrote a limerick).

 Back to Villaneuva. I'm loving the season he is putting up. In an injury prone season, I would not be out to lunch in saying that Villaneuva is currently the team's best starting pitcher. Yes, really. With Morrow injured, Romero and his ballooning ERA and penchant for walking and hitting batters, Laffey and his long balls and Alvarez's plagued inconsistencies, Villaneuva has been a bright spot. He's fairly consistent, he battles, he strikes batters out, and is a class act on and off the mound. If the Blue Jays were at game seven of the world series tomorrow. He is the one i'd want on the mound.

A few days ago, a slew of articles hit the web and Villaneuva wants a contract and he wants to stay in Toronto. Sign him up Alex. Regardless of his role, I hope to see him in Toronto for a few more years. In the meantime, I'll continue to cheer him on, shersey and all, as the Blue Jays finish up what will likely be a losing season.

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