Thursday, 21 February 2013

Spring 2013

Found this little gem in the archives of the Winnipeg Free Press
Spring! It has arrived! After a long winter of trades, press conferences, band wagon fans, fan pass madness, and Opening Day anticipation it's finally here: Spring Training.

The boys, to quote the Hudson's Bay Company are "out to play BASEBALL." Old boys and new boys alike - the team certainly looks different this year! I won't bother going over all the trades and off season hoopla because everyone already knows their names - Reyes, Cabrera, Dickey, Johnson, Buerhle, Gibson- and i'll get straight to the heart of the order. Spring is here. Spring training games begin on Saturday and Sunday through Thursday, i'll be in Dunedin. Watch this space. I'm gonna take enough pictures to make your head spin.

Baseball is back and so am I.

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