Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter (On the Third Day)

Because nothing says Easter like Brett Lawrie in a gay pride parade and JP Arencebia as the ring bearer. I just about busted a gut when I saw this picture.

Today is the closing game of the series against Cleveland, and tomorrow the Blue Jays head home to play one of their AL East rivals, the ever hated BoSox. (I'll be there! Will you??)

I've been loving these Cleveland games - who dosen't love extra innings, big hits and unlikely heroes? Rajai Davis and Colby Rasmus (and the Orange Man himself) with big hits for the club!

I read an interview with Brendan Morrow around the time his contract got extended and he said that he learned that he pitched better if he thought like an asshole. Yesterday, Morrow was pitching like a drunken man beating his wife. He only relented and gave her flowers (walks) twice, and then he went right back to beating her. They took her away from him and put her in a shelter (home run) but he stalked her, found her and struck her down. I like this asshole mentality of his.

That metaphor probably went over the line. Its true. I'm about be descended upon by a house full of sugar crazed children and I'm TAPING the game this afternoon, just when the real dice are about to be thrown. Joel Carreno with his first big league start. I saw his major league debut back in August 2011, squatting illegally in 100s seats with a 500s ticket and I was impressed. Power, control, velocity. Let's see if he brought the good stuff to Cleveland?
You want a job, Joel? Let's find out.

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