Friday, 13 April 2012

Home Opener Heartbreak

I love me a full dome
Baseball season is here. The dome was full and excitement was in the air. The home opener series against the Boston Red Sox, a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that this year, really is, the year.

Instead what the fans got was an exercise in how to suck all the air out of a concrete dome with 49,000 people in it in the span of four batters. The first game ended in heartbreak. I think everyone can admit to that. And suddenley there was a lot of hate. Chants of "Santos Sucks" followed me down the ramps from the 500s and all the optimism and hope that had been floating around seemed lost.

But i'm not worried.

Bautista can't seem to hit the ball, Edwin wants to steal bases, and Sergio blew two saves.
I don't have a select memory when it comes to the Blue Jays. Bautista went through several of these stints last year, several game long stints in which he struck out, popped up the ball and got angry. He recovered each and every time. And this year, will be no different. Just you wait.

As for Sergio. Compared to last year, the bullpen is better by leaps and bounds. If the bullpen only blows half the amount of games as last year. The Jays could finish well over the 500 mark. It is early days.

In a wonder of alliterations, Rajai, Rasmus and Romero all did wonderfully and reminded me as to why I love going to ball games. Who wasn't on their feet screaming when Rajai hit that triple? Rasmus hit the triple and made that catch? Romero allowed one run in NINE innings of work? There is a lot to be excited about this year. I'm sticking with it.


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