Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Popular Reactions

I often get underestimated by guys in the Blue Jays world. Do you know the type? The type that uses sabre metrics to try to confuse you? Who brings up 1980s players?

Who says things like, "You probably just think Jose Bautista is cute" "or "what do you think of Jose Reyes' OBPS this year?"

The type that upon realizing that maybe you know more than him does one of three things:

1. "Oh, you actually like baseball. Like really like baseball. I wasn't expecting that" and promptly heads in the opposite direction.
2. Let's you know that you have offended his manhood, because girls  shouldn't know more than guys when it comes to baseball and usually tries to underhandedly call you a lesbian.
3. Hits on you because you share his passion for the game and isn't that just so hot.

I'm not a particular fan of any of these responses. So I thought I would just write down my thoughts and put them out into the world, in case, anybody wants to join in.

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