Monday, 9 April 2012

Home Opener Bound

Photo: Mike Cassese/Reuters

Tomorrow I'm headed to the home opener (and the rest of the series) and I thought I would celebrate by ruminating on my favorite player, Yunel Escobar. And Yunel Escobar's tattoo.

I'm a fairly observant person, and I like to read (falsely) into ball player's lives. While I was in Florida, I caught the Blue Jay's 30 Clubs in 30 Days and noticed in one shot that Yunel had a big tattoo on his forearm. Hmm, don't remember seeing that one before (then again he usually wears a long sleeved compression shirt, or double arm bands on his forearms). Was he hiding something?

No, he wasn't. This beaut, seen above, is new.

What does it mean Yunel?

Yunel loves Jesus?
Yunel is Jesus?
Yunel wants to be Jesus?

Well Yunel, Jesus doesn't hit bouncing balls to short. You might need to work on that.

Alternatively, Jesus could be the name of a father, friend or lover. Let's not discount anything.

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